When investing in your skin, we suggest scheduling an in-person or telemedical consultation with Dr. Adams to formulate a customized treatment plan.

Maybe you have loads of questions about a PRP facial. This is where you ask! Maybe you’re wondering what ozone therapy can do for you, or how IV therapy can revitalize your complexion. Maybe you’re confused about the difference between an infared and a traditional sauna, or you’re not sure what we mean when we say you should stay hydrated with “good” water. Maybe you’re interested in augmenting your face and want to discuss if botox or fillers are best for you. All of these are fabulous topics for this initial consultation.

Your session, which will take place in a private, comfortable exam room, will include a VISIA complexion analysis to record detailed data about your skin. We’ll use special lighting to look for sun damage, uneven pigmentation, rosacea and other concerns and formulate a treatment plan that combines traditional and integrative solutions.

This session may also include nutrition counseling, a specific-to-you supplement regimen, gut health analysis and counseling on lifestyle modifications that will improve your skin and overall health.


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