In honor of this month’s mantra, confidence never goes out of style, we want to introduce you to SEDA·ME, a fun, new clothing line that we are sure both you and your body are going to love! Designed by Dr. Adam’s sister, Stephanie Holcombe, SEDA·ME was created with an MO to “enhance how a women feels on the inside by what she wears on the outside.”

Stephanie is a Family Nurse ​Practitioner and Nurse-Midwife, and currently works with the hearts of women in her hormonal health telemedicine practice, The Radical Within. Working with women from Africa to the US and in both the most advanced hospitals in the world to the most impoverished regions on the globe, Stephanie has a passion for helping women realize their strength—a strength that she believes is the most potent healing force on the planet.

Through her work with women from all backgrounds, Stephanie was inspired to create a women’s clothing line that not only fits every lifestyle but also helps women everywhere feel comfortable in their own skin. Read more from our conversation with Stephanie below!

Tell us a little about SEDA·ME.

SEDA·ME is a clothing line for those of us who desire something different. It is​ Fashion + Wellness born into a line that is bright, bold and beautiful – not to mention, 100% ethically made. Mainly kimonos and​ caftans, SEDA·ME is designed to move as easily as you do, and really be the tool you need to own how beautiful you are right now. As an added bonus, no sizes! Who needs those anyway? As Elizabeth says, Confidence never goes out of style! And I couldn’t agree more!

What inspired you to start SEDA·ME?

Through my travels, I started noticing that so many cultures and women around the world don’t experience the body image issues that we do here in the US. Why is this? I noticed that, often was the case with dresses, clothing did not have the function to draw attention to a woman’s body – but merely something she lived in. It simply did not exist for her to think about the size of her hips when she gets dressed; it’s a non-issue. What Freedom, I thought!

What are your favorite aspects of SEDA·ME clothing?

You know the feeling when you put on clothes and immediately the sabotaging thoughts enter: “My stomach sticks out”, “My butt is too big”, “My hips are …. ” and on and on. We all know how these comments rattle the self-confidence we have inside – and what good does that do?

My experience is that the more volumous the clothing I wear, with added flow and movement around me from the garment, the better I feel. I feel like I look good – and am not trying to adjust this or that to cover up anything. I feel like the {SEDA·ME} clothing allows me to relax – and be more present to my life before me. It’s almost like the mindset from the summer dresses we wear on vacation brought back home. My question: why can’t that relaxed mindset be used all the time in our day-to-day life? I wanted the relaxed confidence that gave me, and I know you do too.

What is your goal for SEDA·ME?

​ ​
Oh me! I’m so excited to get to share about SEDA·ME with all of you.

This clothing line is so exciting to bring to life, with a mission that I hope resonates with all of you: For all of us​ women to feel amazingly confident, radiant, turned on and fully in our power – by using the clothes we wear as tools to spark that inside of each of us.

When we feel this power on the inside, we radiate a different energy outwards and the world responds very differently. To me, this is the heart of Women’s Health! For women to claim and own their own power. My vision as a 15-year veteran in Medicine was to take medicine out of the clinic…and into our closets – to the clothing we touch and wear every day. Thus, enter the birth of SEDA·ME (

SEDA·ME has small capsule collections twice a year. Be sure to follow @sedamelife on FB and IG to see when our new collections are released. And share with a friend because women need to know this type of clothing is here and available!