At Elizabeth Adams, MD, we love partnering with like-minded individuals and businesses to bring you even more opportunities to invest in and love yourself. This month we want to introduce you to one of those individuals— our friend, Jack Weimer. Jack is a graduate of the Natural Healing Arts School of Massage Therapy in Tupelo, MS, where he earned his massage therapist certification. He has been a massage therapist for over nine years and has worked with a variety of clients, including both collegiate and professional athletes. Jack is currently a therapist at Golden Triangle Massage Therapy (GTMT) which offers both massage and cryotherapy services.

We recently caught up with Jack and asked him a few questions about everything from a typical day in his life to what inspires him in his business. Spoiler: he even offered some pro tips for first time cryotherapy clients! Keep reading to find out more about Jack and June’s product feature, cryotherapy. We know you are going to love Jack just as much as we do!   

EA- Tell us a little bit about what inspired you to pursue massage therapy and what, in particular, inspires you in your work.

JW- I have always wanted to be in a career that helps people in some capacity. I had an interesting road to get to massage. I attended MSU for Professional Golf Management and realized after a year I didn’t want to do a marketing degree (which is essentially what that degree is). Then I went on to major in Mechanical Engineering only to find myself very stressed and discontent in that field and lifestyle. I received my first massage at the age of 21 by a girl in Columbus who inspired me to check out massage school. I had found my niche. {My} favorite part of my job is seeing people come out after the session and say the pain they have been having for so long has gone. Occasionally, {the pain} never comes back. That is the most rewarding part of my job.

EA- What does a day in your life at GTMT look like?

JW- I start work at 8am for the most part and work until noon, hour lunch, and then continue massages from 1-5. I try to see around 6 people a day and take them through the Synergetic Myofascial Therapy series that I have been certified in over the past few years.

We have 4 therapists working right now, and we each have our own strengths and interests. I am always trying to keep everything in good working order and maintain the highest possible level of care we can offer our clients.

EA- Speaking of your work, what is the coolest thing you are working on right now?

JW- The coolest thing I am working on right now is finishing up the Synergetic Myofascial Therapy certification (this weekend actually!). It has been a 200-hour course that is taught by Magnus Eklund and is inspired by the work of Dr. Ida Rolf. It has been a career changing certification, and I have been so excited about the results I am seeing with clients.

EA- Shifting gears a little to talk about one of our favorite services at GTMT, what exactly is cryotherapy and what is it specifically used to treat?

JW- Cryotherapy is a modality in which a person is exposed to extremely low temperatures for several minutes. The person stands in a chamber that is filled with a liquid nitrogen/air mixture which brings the temperature inside the chamber down to about -250 Degree Fahrenheit. Studies have shown it to systemically reduce inflammation which has far reaching benefits. Many of the teams of the NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA etc. have discovered cryotherapy and have found the benefit of reduced recovery time between competition which enhances performance. Our clients have found many different benefits of cryotherapy ranging from reduced cellulite, increased energy levels, improved sleep, and reduced pain.

EA- How does this relate to skin care?

JW- One of the biggest benefits of cryotherapy is in the arena of skin care. It is known to improve antioxidant levels in the blood and reduce inflammation. Here is a list of other benefits:

EA- What are some of the side effects of cryotherapy (positive and/or negative)?

JW- Some of the side effects of cryotherapy include a tingling sensation typically in the lower extremities that quickly dissipates after the client exits the chamber. They usually feel an almost euphoric sensation as the blood refills the capillary beds and find themselves rejuvenated. Most have a phenomenal night of sleep following a session. On occasion, some clients may experience a slight light headedness as their body comes in contact with the cold air. We always have an operator with the client the whole time that can adjust the temperature and the session can be cut short if they feel they would like to end the treatment.

EA- Do you have advice for a first-time cryotherapy user?

JW- The only advice for new users is to eat something small beforehand and after the session as your body may burn a lot of energy during the process.

EA-  Ok, we’ll end on a fun question: Coffee or tea drinker (or neither!)?

JW- I know I probably shouldn’t drink coffee or tea, but I do like to start my day off with a hot cup of coffee. It gives me that little boost in the morning that I have come to enjoy!

We hope you enjoyed reading about Jack and what he does at Golden Triangle Massage Therapy. Don’t forget that this month only, you can receive 20% off of cryotherapy treatment by using code EA20!