Holiday Eats: A Primer on Foods That Contribute to Acne and Wrinkles

When you were a teen, your mom probably told you that chocolate causes pimples. Well, she was right, sort of. Chocolate, as in the actual cacao bean itself, doesn’t cause acne. But there is evidence that both sugar and dairy can cause hormone fluctuations and increase inflammation, and both of these things are bad news […]

The Key To An Enjoyable Holiday Season? Just Breathe.

The Key To An Enjoyable Holiday Season? Just Breathe. Let’s talk about holiday stress. You’ve probably heard that cortisol is what your body produces in response to stress. Cortisol gets a bad rap, but it’s an important metabolism and inflammation regulator, and it helps you react in a crisis. You know that fight or flight […]

Elizabeth Adams MD December Newsletter

Happy Holidays! We hope that this newsletter finds you merry and bright! In this month’s newsletter, we are bringing you tips on how to stay happy and healthy during the season of overeating and under sleeping. We have also included our favorites in a holiday gift guide. Be sure to check out our giveaway opportunity, too! […]

Dr. Adams + The Mill Present “The Skinny on Injectables

The Skinny on Injectables Sip Series No. 4 This Thursday, Nov. 16, from 5-7 p.m., we’ll partner with The Mill Design + Home as part of their Sip Series. The Mill is a high-end lifestyle and design boutique based here in Columbus, and their Sip Series is a line-up of casual evening events, open to […]

Powerful, Popular Pumpkin

Powerful, Popular Pumpkin Happy pumpkin power season! In the past few years, the mighty pumpkin has enjoyed a surge of popularity. It seems we’ve all managed to get beyond this fabulous fruit’s tough exterior and come to love the sometimes stringy, sometimes gooey insides. Forget the pumpkin latte. These days, we can get any and […]

Elizabeth Adams MD November Newsletter

Elizabeth Adams MD November Newsletter It’s Official! The holiday season is here! If you’re like us, your schedule the next few months will be full of holiday events, good eats, and the stress of finding that perfect gift. However, we do not usually pencil in time to care of ourselves during the busyness of the […]