Hydration: Purified or Alkaline Water?

You know you need to hydrate to the tune of eight glasses a day, but is tap water okay? Should you buy purified water? And what the heck is alkaline water? It’s all just water, right? Well, yes, it’s all water. And no, it’s not all just water. Tap water contains chlorine and fluoride, and […]


In honor of this month’s mantra, confidence never goes out of style, we want to introduce you to SEDA·ME, a fun, new clothing line that we are sure both you and your body are going to love! Designed by Dr. Adam’s sister, Stephanie Holcombe, SEDA·ME was created with an MO to “enhance how a women […]

How to feel self-confidence

You’re tired, bloated from last night’s pasta, and feel like nothing in your closet fits. You know you have no real reason to be down on yourself, but you just aren’t feeling it. We’ve all had those days. Often, however, these days turn into weeks, weeks to months, and before you know it, you are […]

There Are Some Amazing Benefits to Aging

This month we’re thinking a lot about confidence, and how we can boost confidence throughout our lives. We live in a culture that over-values youth, which makes it hard to keep a healthy perspective on aging. And that’s unfortunate, because aging happens to all of us. Aging comes with all sorts of external and internal […]

Confidence is in Your Breath

Your heart is racing. Your palms are sweating. You’re feeling anxious and there’s a looming (and perhaps completely unwarranted) sense of dread tightening your stomach. The worst part? You’re not sure how to reel yourself in. But guess what? You’re only a few breaths away from feeling large-and-in-charge. (Or at least, from feeling more like […]

Jack Weimer Blog

At Elizabeth Adams, MD, we love partnering with like-minded individuals and businesses to bring you even more opportunities to invest in and love yourself. This month we want to introduce you to one of those individuals— our friend, Jack Weimer. Jack is a graduate of the Natural Healing Arts School of Massage Therapy in Tupelo, […]

Importance of Good Makeup

You have probably heard us use the line, “a path to health, energy, and beautiful skin can be found at the end of a thoughtfully placed fork”. We believe that putting the right nutrients into your body is key to healthy skin, but it doesn’t end there! What you are putting on the outside of […]

Fifteen Skincare Myths Debunked

This month we’re talking about skincare, which can be ultra-confusing since there’s so much unverified info floating around out there. And sometimes what you don’t know can lead you to do some pretty silly, or worse, damaging, things to your skin. Here are some common skincare myths, debunked.   1. Tingling means a product is […]

What Exactly is Skin, and How Does It Change?

You probably know that skin is your body’s biggest organ, a flexible sort of “armor” to protect all your other organs. But you may wonder, what exactly is skin? Your skin has three layers. The outermost layer is the epidermis. It varies in thickness, depending on where it is on your body. Your epidermis is […]

Five Vitamins & Nutrients for Keen Vision and Pretty Eyes

Vitamin A   While we’re on the subject of eyes, let’s talk Vitamin A—also known as beta carotene. Vitamin A helps maintain healthy teeth, bones, skin and good vision. It’s especially important for sharp low light vision, which tends to decline as we age. In fact, cases of extreme deficiency can lead to blindness!   […]