Here at Elizabeth Adam MD, October’s mantra is, “You’re never too old to be young at heart.” But sometimes staying young at heart takes concrete action, especially if you’ve got a lot of years behind you. Here are some of our favorite young-at-heart tips, to ensure the years ahead of you are as fabulous as possible!

Try a new hobby.
Take up photography, learn a new language, start piano lessons. Getting out of your comfort zone and learning new skills recharges your mind, does amazing things for the white matter in your brain, and helps prevent dementia.

There are loads of tour packages for senior citizens, so if you aren’t comfortable traveling alone, that may be a great option for you. Travel makes your world bigger and brighter, opens your mind, and boosts problem-solving skills. “It’s right up there with life-threatening emergencies and truly mutual sex as a way of being fully alive in the present,” 84-year-old Gloria Steinem writes in My Life On the Road.

And if you need some inspiration, here are some stories of solo female senior travelers.

Encourage others.
Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in years or write letters to loved one telling them why they’re great. Volunteer at your local food bank or after school program. There’s nothing like serving your community and encouraging others to get you out of your head and into your life.

Be social.
Make time for friends and family. And if you have too much time, make new friends. You can meet people at senior centers, churches and religious organizations, or through volunteering. In larger cities, you may find people who share your interests on

Stay busy.
Have you ever noticed how busy young (and young-seeming) people are? We’ve already mentioned volunteering, but another option is a part-time job. Just make sure it’s a job that’s really fun to you. If you’re doing drudge-work, you’re going to feel every second of your actually age—and then some.

Maybe you’re actually too busy. Too busy leads to stress, and stress leads to outward signs of aging—fine lines, dry skin, dark circles, and other not-fun “symptoms” of being stretched thin. Make sure to take time for yourself each day, whether that’s an hour to drink tea and read, or soak in a tub, or watch a movie, or wander through the woods with your dog.

Stay fit.
Healthiness is key to happiness. Increase your range of motion and flexibility with yoga, and try to get at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a day. Walking (or walking a dog!) briskly counts! And if you don’t have a dog, there is probably someone on your block who would love to lend you their pooch.

Look young.
That’s the dream, right? You’ll need an amazing skincare and aesthetics regiment with the right moisturizer, sun protection, and exfoliation. (We like Eminence Organics products so much that we carry them in-office.) And if you’re looking for something a little more “miraculous” (but still subtle!), try Botox or a dermafiller. Regular facials (particularly PRP facials!) are also helpful.

Dress young.
Who says you can’t have a pink hair or wear a miniskirt at your age? Don’t let yourself be limited by the limited imaginations of others. Wear the clothes and hairstyles you like, regardless of your years. (P.S. There’s nothing that ages you faster than frumpy, outdated clothes).

Play outside.
Everyday! Take a walk, go on a hike, ride a bike, do yard-work, or just sit on your porch. Getting plenty of natural Vitamin D (aka sunshine) makes you look, feel, and sleep better.

Kids find everything funny, don’t there? Laughter may just be that secret elixir that Ponce de Leon sought 600 years ago. Hang out with people (of all ages!) who make you laugh, and don’t forget to be silly and goofy yourself. If you need more laughter in your life (and who doesn’t?), watching comedy shows or even late-night talk shows can help.

Sleep well.
Eight hours of solid sleep is the greatest anti-aging prescription around. And try to practice good sleep hygiene.

Meditation lowers stress and inflammation in your body, both of which are huge contributors to outward signs of physical aging. Good sleep combats wrinkles, rosacea, acne, and psoriasis, and just generally make you look (and feel) glow-y!