Injectables? Fillers? ’Tis the Season

They’re fun, they’re joyous, they’re dependable, they’re…anxiety-inducing?! Okay ladies, it’s that time of year. You know what I mean. It’s that time when, in addition to shopping, baking, wrapping and chauffeuring, you have to show up in public. Often. And we’re not talking yoga pants and messy ponytail here. These are situations where you’re expected to glisten and glow. Yep, we’re talking holiday parties and the accompanying, more frequent but just as annoying high-school-reunion pressure to wow.

And that means, if you’ve never tried an injectable or a filler, ’tis the season. Because these are the quickest and least invasive ways to turn back the clock, pronto. But first, some aging 101: In women, collagen begins to decline as early as 25. By 35, you’re losing collagen at a rate of 1.5% a year. And when the collagen goes, so does your skin’s dewy radiance and firm texture.

By 40, you’re losing collagen faster than you can replenish it (the more estrogen, the more collagen, and you probably already know that estrogen plummets as we approach menopause, right?). Pretty soon, bone-density loss may affect your facial architecture, and that means sunken eyes and loose skin. Five years into menopause, you’re working with 1/3 the collagen you started with, and as we mentioned, that means goodbye elasticity and glow. Depressing, right?

It would be, if we stopped there. But the news isn’t all bad. You can’t pause time, but you can age gracefully. And you know what they say about an ounce of prevention…

So first off (we know you get tired of hearing this, but…), hydrate! This means, drink clean water and slather on moisturizer (preferably natural and with a hearty dose of cell turnover-stimulating retinoids). If you’re over 30, you should add a daily dose of collagen supplement. And before those holiday shin-digs, come see us at Elizabeth Adams MD, and let us help you decide if injectables or fillers are right for you.

(And now maybe you’re wondering, what’s the difference between an injectable and filler?)

To put it simply, fillers fill and injectables relax. Injectables, such as Botox and Xeomin, are a great choice if you’re just beginning to notice fine lines. These products work by blocking nerve signals to muscles, so they relax the muscles that cause lines before the lines become permanent, deeply entrenched grooves.

Now you’re thinking, “Well this sounds lovely for all those spring chick-a-dees in their 30’s and 40’s, but what if I already have deep grooves?” Well, steel magnolias, never fear—fillers are here!

And fillers are amazing. There’s a filler to tackle any flaw you can throw at it. Fillers can plump hollows, vanish longtime wrinkles, shape chins and cheeks, boost lips and even shape a nose. And Dr. Adams is a master of subtlety. She considers facial sculpting an art, and her goal is to make sure that everyone thinks you look great, without having everyone wonder if you actually “did” something to look great. She doesn’t want to erase every hint of a wrinkle, she just wants to highlight your best features and ensure that you’re putting your best face forward.

So if you’ve been curious about adding some oomph to your look or exploring Botox, there’s no time like the present! We’d love to fit you into our schedule, so you can fit your best self into your holiday schedule! Call 662-368-8602 for an appointment or book online.